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Hello, and welcome to the official website of the International Forum of University Presidents! Here, we bring together the executives of universities from all over the world. Do you like that idea? Scroll to find more about us!

What is the IFUP?

The International Forum of University Presidents was created to cater to the need for a platform which rendered possible between academic executives the four Cs that are essential to academic relationships; Cooperation, Coordination, Collaboration and Contribution.

Take your Academic Productivity to a whole new level with the IFOUP, which gives you the ability to meet with University Executives from all around the world, discuss with them new possibilities in higher education, share with them the researches your university has conducted and create a global academic network. With the IFOUP, you need not take your University and Faculty to the World for a Show-And-Tell, because now we are bringing the world to your doorstep!

Here, you are free to do what an executive does best; create space for your institution and its students in an increasingly crowded Academic world. Sign MoUs and MoAs with other universities, share resources and research projects, discuss new ideas, manage faculty and student exchange programs, take your university to an entirely different level with the online experience the IFUP offers you! We will be there to aid you, every step of the way.



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